2017-2018 Kenya Defence Forces Recruitment (KDF)

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2017 KDF Recruitment 2017 List of KDF Shortlisted General Service Officer (GSO) Cadets and Specialist Officers. Click Here! Advertisement for Recruitment of General Recruits, Constabularies and Tradesmen/Women into The Kenya Defence Forces 2017 Recruitment Dates and Centres

KDF  2017 Recruitment – Kenya Defence Forces.

2017 Advertisement for Recruitment of Service Members, Constabularies and Tradesmen/women into the Kenya Defence Forces – KDF Recruitment

1. The Kenya Defence Forces is pleased to announce to the general public that there will be a recruitment of servicemen/women, constabularies, and tradesmen/women which is scheduled to take place from 15th May 2017 to 14th June 2017 at various centres countrywide.

 Prospective candidates wishing to join Kenya Defence Forces must satisfy the conditions and requirements given below.

2. Corruption.

Bribery and other acts of corruption are against the law.

All persons presenting themselves for recruitment purposes at any centre with fake/ falsified calling letters, identity cards, academic certificates etc. or caught engaging in any corrupt activity shall be arrested and prosecuted.

If you accept to be conned, you will lose your money and go to jail; it happened to many during the last recruitment.

Do not waste your money and risk imprisonment; No one can influence the recruitment process.

Report any suspicious activities/conmen to the nearest police station or a military camp. KDF recruitment is absolutely free to all.

3. Citizens are further notified that recruitment is only conducted at the advertised recruitment centres countrywide during daytime before 1800 hours (6pm) on weekdays. Successful candidates will be issued with calling letters at the recruitment centres by the recruiting officers.

Any person purporting to recruit or issue an alleged calling letter away from a recruitment centre will be doing so fraudulently.

4. Recruitment of General Recruits and Constabularies

a. The KDF Recruiting Teams consisting of Kenya Army, Kenya Air Force, Kenya Navy and Defence Forces Constabulary will be visiting the recruiting centres as indicated below to recruit Servicemen/ Women, Defence Forces Constabularies on dates indicated.

b. All potential candidates reporting to the recruitment centres should come from the sub counties/ divisions of their respective counties and districts.

They should also bring with them current original national identity card and academic certificates/ testimonials.

ID photocopies/ scanned and police abstract will not be accepted.

The recruitment exercise will be absolutely Free.

C. Conditions for Servicemen/women

(1) Must be Kenyan citizens.
(2) Age: Between 18 and 26 years old.
(3) Be physically and mentally fit in accordance with the KDF standards.
(4) Have no criminal record.
(5) Minimum Height:
(a) Men 1.60m (5ft 3in).
(b) Women 1.52m (5ft)
(6) Minimum weight:
(a) Men: 54.55 Kg (120 lb).
(b) Women: 50.00 Kg (110 lb).

7. Female candidates must Not be pregnant at recruitment and during training.

8. Education: A minimum of mean grade D (plain) in KCSE for the general recruits.

Tradesmen / Women

a. Prospective candidates wishing to apply must satisfy the conditions and requirements given below.

(1) Must be Kenyan citizens.
(2) Age: Between 18 and 26 years old.
(3) Be physically and mentally fit in accordance with the KDF standards.
(4) Have no criminal record.
(5) Minimum Height:
(a) Men 1.60m (5ft 3in).
(b) Women 1.52m (5ft)
(6) Minimum weight:
(c) Men: 54.55 Kg (120 lb).
(d) Women: 50.00 Kg (110 lb).
(7) Female candidates must Not be pregnant at recruitment and during training.

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315 thoughts on “2017-2018 Kenya Defence Forces Recruitment (KDF)”

    1. ur not alon bro also i am preing god through thick and thin to gv me ds job
      …..all kdf guyz isallute u all..

    2. I wish to join the Kenya Defence Forces this time round that is my prayer to yuo God may you be with me during this recruitment season my God

    3. Not only you bro I do like this job..may the lord Almighty help us 2get this job I love it,I completed may form four course last year end am wishing 2join this year,..

    1. Here I am booking forward to join k.d.f very energetic and very willing to join you to assist on stopping this small troops killing our fellow Kenyans,thankyou

  1. I did building technology but my course is not complete idid module 1 only, can I be considered coz I wish to join KDF this year

  2. I would like to join the defence forces this year so that I can join other officers In the operation of flashng out alshabab group

  3. am a chef with profesion and i want to defend this our natioin but i lost my original certificate bt i hv the photocopy can i be help

    1. am teacher trained from Mount Kenya university.. m interested to join Kenya navy …what do I do ? am 25 years

  4. I have been interested to join thy Kenya Airforce,I have done a certificate in electrical installation en mananged to get a distinction,can i be considered in this years recruitment?

  5. The Kenya defence force women and men you real inspire me so much.since I was a kid I heard a dream to be just like you.To be able to fight for my country to save our nation as one brothers and sisters.This year I will participate in recruitment service I just ask God to help me enrolle in it.I salute you guyz

  6. av alwayz wished to join kenya army so as to av a chance to defend kenyan flag an its boundaries.i realy av dat passion..God help mi

  7. I realy love this job.i have been attending all the announced recruitment dates since 2010 to date but all in vain.Now i am twenty seven,is it possible for me to apply for the job because am interested in that work. please assist.


    2. My goodness,bro come we hold on chalk issue and forget the bravery heart or Worrior heart ,patriot is not pegged on soldiership …other peaceful ways of being a patriot is by doing stg to still build up the nation

  8. My passion was always join the military because i want to be the best and prove it.Tried many so times and failing,but never given up trying.Join the military is always my passion.Thanks God

  9. My passion was always join the military because i want be the best and prove it.Tried many so times and failing,but never given up trying.Join the military is always my passion.Thanks God

  10. I hope these time i will make it in the army,am looking forward to my dream of being a Kenyan loyal soldier…..God bless Kenya,God bless KDF

  11. av alwayz wished to join kenya army so as to av a chance to defend kenyan flag an its boundaries my passion was to join the military as to protect my people
    …. God help me

  12. am a diploma holder of electrical and electronics and wiling to serve my country in military. God may u sail me through this time round.

  13. really waiting recruitment this time round I was there last year…but I did not make …the guys encouraged me to try next time.. am sure in Jesus name I will make it. I felt lyk to cry when I watched some of my friends who we were together doing pass out. ..

  14. Hope It’s Our Tym For Those Who Have Tried To Join Kdf Several Tyms, But Never Despare, This Is Our Turn Now, Wish U Well.

  15. I have a passion for being a kdf. I will keep on trying till I succeed
    because it’s something am yearning for. I want to fight for my country.

  16. iam certificate holder of ICT and a driver too because I have my driving license, My passion is to join Army hoping God will make a way for me these round. when is 2016 recruitment.

  17. Oh! God i have hope these year will open my door of happness to join the K.D.F forces help me God! thank you Gideon Onchaga from keroka masaba soouth Ibacho division

  18. Mah dream of being a member of kdf this year,,, am praying so that I may get a chancr ,,, honestly since I was a young boy my dream was to become one of the best soldiers in this country and am sure our saviour will gonna answer my prayers this year,,,,, love u kdf, love u Kenyans,, big up for ur good job n may da lord protect u during ur jobs.

  19. I Would Like 2 Join Kdf This Year 2 Go And Assist My Fellow Colleques In Somalia .i have been patient 4 that

  20. Am very much interested in joining the defence forces this year.kindly, when is dates of the recruitment this year?

  21. I always dream of being on the frontline serving my nation n peace keeping ..God grant me my wish n desire this year.

  22. Am Revius Muriuki frm kirinyaga able and willing to join the KDF this year am ready to protect airborne both internal and external threats and am ready to risk my life with all of my dignity in order to protect my country… With passion… God help achieve my dream… My brethren jxt believe in God our dreams shall come to reality at the end of this year..

  23. I really have conscious to join kdf these year,I want to protect my country with all my strength,God help me.

  24. Same guys corned me my 250k, last recruitment, my family diserted me from home it’s now 8 months, kindly I request If a tall I can get a good samaratan who can help me to get back ma money so that I can go back home.

  25. This time it’s my time for being a soldier in kenya defence forces and God will bless me and my fellow soldiers and my country

  26. I’m a craft holder in agrimechanics from a gvt recognized institution. my passion is to join KDF the good working men in Kenya. hopes God will make a way this tym round.

  27. I salute you all KDF officers. I what to join this service this time round to protect this nation as one brothers and sisters, SOO GOD HELP ME TO JOIN THIS FORCES

  28. I think am energetic en strong enough to work with my fellow guys who joined the kenya defence forces in defending our country Kenya.

  29. i am a student at masinde muliro university,taking a degree in education,and wish to join kdf,is it possible.

  30. This has been my best force to join in order to defend my country from external insecurity that has been undergoing bravo kdf i will join u this year may God help me

  31. What armed forces do is so fantastic.
    I am diploma holder in the field of aeronautical engineering (avionic option). I do therefore request to be a techncian.
    Eargly waiting for the opportunity.

  32. I am looking foward to defend my country kenya army with my passionate,willingnes and dillegent,oh my God true your mercy help me in the name jesus christ…

  33. Am too interested in joining the military ths yr.. Am a nutrisionst..may jah help me…I blve all mek it..lol to ol kdfs for ur good job

  34. I have a diploma in mechanical engineering(plant option),I hope this year God will open a way for me to be recruited into kdf.

  35. hav diploma in electrical and electronics engineering but only hav slip certificate till next year how can I be helped please. ..I don’t have parents and am willing to serve kenya in KDF plz officers my contact is + 254708399648

  36. le:ts cal a sped a sped n not a big spun,lets mke k.d.f wth one mnd to defend our nation,n not to enrich ourselves or becox of there smart uniform wth a G.P.M.G gun thy cary 4 others to see us in the forces dats wrong attitude our nation needs u n me to defend it fully, attitude will determyne ua lng carrier as a soldier if u wsh it or not:.God bls all candidates wshng to join de forces ds year samson mwathethe tuko pamoja in prayers wth ua full combact of k.d.f i salute u guys God bls kenya.

  37. I salute u guys 4 ur gud work. I have being trying the job several times i.e 4 years ago, bt this year GOD help me to vanish out with only one chance.

  38. im very much interested to join kenya air force like my late father ismael chebon yator who served at nanyuki until his demise july 2005 at nanyuki barack hospital.

  39. Guyz have no worries this time round it’s has join RTS for training….very passionate about joining this wonderful guyz to help in the protection of this our lovely country kenya!!!! RTS HERE WE COME KINDLY ACCEPT AS!!

  40. I want to join the team of kdf forces with my passion and may God bless me in the next recruitment this year

  41. I wish to be like my brothers n sisters who really want kenyansto be safe at all time,We r coming to join yu soon coz God said,believe n u will get!

  42. hey guys ! im realy intresting kdf force i m wishing to be one of the member if de gov’t of kenya satisfy my standity

  43. Would you consider subtituting this normal written application by online application to those positions where one is required to submmit his/her cover letter plus cv; since online application is not only convenient but also very reliable?

  44. I tried last yeah na niko na roho might give me the chance this time….. salute soldier more so wale mko mandera….

  45. I work as a mechanic in thika njuakali sector. I have been working for three years now after I did my KCSE exam. I am willing to join kdf to protect our land Kenya and help with the knowledge I have like a mechanic

  46. All Security Units Big Up For Your Good Job.It Has Been My Ambition To Join Kdf And I Believe God Of Merce Will Make A Way For Me This Coming Recruitment. Thanks God.

  47. hellos, I love kdf and I need to be one of them in the coming recruitment. kindly inform me when will be the recruitment this year.

  48. will i join,am physically fit i think you should tell us the date and this time round plz dont ignore us,i dont hve money to give we need transparency

  49. I really love dis job k.d.f.am proud tew be part of it,iko ndani ya damu,i pray so hard na niko na imani mai God will ans my prayers

  50. big up kdf i pray dis drm of becoming one of de kenya Army this yr may God grant mi dis chance Amen.Looking forward to join Kdf dis yr.

  51. Wasichana mko wapi? R u not ready to defend our nation? ? Me am a ready to do my best , ma brothers 2kutanen eldort this yr 4training, God Has had ua prayers

  52. thank GOD for his gracious moment til now am stil waiting,hope my prayers will come true to the dream of joining kdf.

  53. am a die-hard militant ready to go through the process of moving forward to see Kenyan boundaries protected kdf for ever

  54. We are so eagerly waiting for 2016 recruitment, I started looking early March till date. Which date will it be? So that I can prepare in good codation I don’t want to miss it.

  55. mai friends let’s pray alot,coz without God my we can’t make it,congratulations to all KDF soldiers I salute u men,,,may God help me to join you this August.

  56. I am kindly requesting for a chance in kdf Unit . qualification – I got a mean grade of B- in kcse so am eagerly waiting to join you kdf officers

  57. i always dream that one day i wl join kdf, may load help me to make my dream come true… congrants to our kdf men and womens

  58. Would welcome a chance to work in the KDF as part of the public health technicians fraternity .Have a diploma in ENVIRONMENTAL HEALTH SCIENCE FROM THE TECHNICAL UNIVERSITY OF MOMBASA.ready to show my working portfolios what is the exact date for the recruitment exercise?nice time

  59. Am looking forward to work in any area or ground within Kenya to defend the Kenyan flag. Pliz consider me. By professional am a public health officer.

  60. wow,am prayin for oll those who are determined n having that big love for kenyans,hop God wln wll see each other in kdf,God bless kenya

  61. i did criminology and security studies with crime and i wish to be among the officers to fight for my country,since i was really having the same mind to be among the pioneers to fight and know the geographical targeting bases of terrorism in my country. God bless Kenya God bless our defense forces.

  62. Hi VICTON SAKWA here, am passionate of joining the kdf team, I don’t have any profession but I believe God will prove He is worth, God bless my dream this year

  63. I am enquiring as to whether i can join the Kenyan army with tattoos. They’re not extreme, sexist, indecent, or racist. I have a total of two tattoos ,one on my bicep and the other on my wrist(concealable). Any kind of feed back will be appreciated.
    Thank you.

  64. Iam 22yrs old in been trying my best to join the KDF as it has been my long waitited proffesion.Iam eagerly waiting for the recruitment this year. I believe in this force and daily praying to be my future bond towards my future coming life. God see me through.

  65. It always being my dream 2 joined kdf as a hero, 2 provide protection n peace keeping 2 my country, may God see me through this year.

  66. It always my dream 2 join forces as n hero 2 protect n provide peace keeping 2 my country as apatriote,may God see me through thise year.

  67. am really looking forward to get dis upcoming job to defend my country and also to bring our family out of complete abject poverty. may da Almighty Father honour me plus our family

    1. this the job I love, have been in the field three times. I wonder why I should not be given a chance to serve this nation. am still ready to and ready

  68. A teacher by profession but a soldier calling, my dream my passion is to join forces….yearning for this chance to serve my country.

  69. me I am looking forward towards the consideration of KDF,this would make me to fulfill my dreams,as well as I take it as my passion,

    1. i did water engineerinq but not yet done with my course…..only one year remain..will i be considered this year to join kdf? i salute you all our kdf for the work you have done.

  70. I am so glad for this job I truly like to join the Kenya defense force recruitment this year I like to defend my country with all of my heart

  71. Hi, I am John Kiragu from Muran’ga County. I had a D+ in my KCSE and i wanted to know if there’s any chance at any section. I’m good in computers and a bit of martial arts. Thank you.

  72. My dream is to join kdf,am praying day and night so that God will grant my wish,am very ready to serve my country,,Gods time is the best and I believe I will make it,I admire jeshi khai….to all soldiers I love u and salute you,,

  73. since am in nursery til i finish my form 4 my dreams are just to join kdf to serve my country and protect it may God help me to join this year.BIG AMEN.

  74. please help me to know exact date of recruitment this year 2016,,,,,I know one day my drms will come true to prevent my country!,,,,With God nothing is impossible.

  75. I really love this because is like it is in my blood i usually think about this every time i do my body Fitness i know God will not make my dream to be invalid …please as you come at Embu north don’t leave me have also worked with security at Nairobi aand now am 22 years old and am ready to protect my lovely nation

  76. Am Mustafa Yago Omar from Homabay, i.d no:28705192.mean grade “c”plus.Natamani sana hi kazi ya jeshi.am ready and willing to serve this nation.please Allah(saw)help me.Amiin.

  77. It has always been my dream to join the KDF I pray and hope that I would get chance to join my fellow soldiers in serving my country

  78. Since primary i have been dreaming to become a soldier and defend my country.may God the protector and giver favour me this job of kdf. Am willing to join kdf in somalia. Amen

  79. I have ever longed to serve in forces and my dreams will one day come true.I salute kdf fratanity and thanks for the good work you are doing

  80. when our lord say yes nobody can change,we shall join it this season.no matter the challenge we are passing through.

  81. Iam filled with mixed feelings since have been looking forward to be a well-trained KDF sodier in kenya. i will never lose hope but only to believe as i poured down to pray hard with sincerity.God,may i be among these constabularies who are yet to occupy space at traing ground!Kdf men, hope will see you when we can not avoid. wish you all well

  82. Have been loyal to my own country and ready to serve it since when i was born. i was willing to serve and sucure with all my strength so i will be happy if i will be recruited without any payment.

  83. Am Bonface from central and i have been willing to join The Kenya Deffence Forces and i have not been lucky but i hope that this time round i will be lucky to join and am ready to serve my Nation,It’s my passion to protect my country as a true patriotic kenyan

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  85. Good LORD help me get this KDF Job ..right now I pretend to be a soldier am yearning to be in a military camp…once a soldier always a soldier…born a soldier die a soldier

  86. I wsh I can get this chance to work for my country and to protect it as a kdf…am realy interestd WD thse job ..big up our soldiers for the gd job u normaly do..I solute u all,,,hpe to join u soon
    Thunk yu

  87. i did water engineerinq but not yet done with my course…..only one year remain..will i be considered this year to join kdf? i salute you all our kdf for the work you have done.

  88. we thank lord for the peaceful nation. may Lord grant our kdf mercy and intelligence in solving and handling security and challenges. the Lord no matter what we are passing through He will stand with us. thanks for this recruitment may Lord stand for as apply for Automotive technician. indeed its well in Jesus name

  89. we are not happy in our diffision for not recruit mean yesterday and given only one opportunity of a lady we are not see fairness in kericho county plz!!

  90. I realy love this job.i have been attending all the
    announced recruitment dates since 2013 to date but
    all in vain.Now i am 24,one day if I will get this job I’ll thank my Almighty God because my dream is to defense my nation.

  91. I love it.Royal salute to all this men nyinyi ndio wanaume kamili Wa Kenya,God willing this year nitawajoin mniombeee sana

  92. I salute the entire KDF crue,keep it up brathrens it is our duty to shield our country with diginity and diligence, a gain i salute The national chief recruitment officer ,
    I ought to join this year’s slot.May God bless kenya

  93. I salute the entire KDF crue,keep it up brathrens it is our duty to shield our country with diginity and diligence, a gain i salute The national chief recruitment officer, I ought to join this year’s slot.May God bless kenya

  94. am from kangundo and am praying day and night to be selected as kdf soldier 2017 recruitment.may lord hear my prayers

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