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The Kenya Education Network (KENET) ( is the National Research and Education Network (NREN) of Kenya. It builds and operates a national broadband private network that interconnects universities, research institutions and other educational member institutions in Kenya. KENET’s mission is to catalyse the transformation of education and research in Kenya using   ICT

KENET provides broadband Internet services, community cloud services such as web hosting, Infrastructure as a Service and Video/Web Conferencing as a Service and specialized research services (e.g., certification authority,  identity provider and access to science gateways) to member institutions that includes all the major universities and research institutions in Kenya. It provides the Cybersecurity Emergency and Response Team (CERT) services for connected academic institutions.

KENET promotes and supports research and education collaboration through Special Interest Groups (SIGs) in different academic areas with a focus on STEM areas of agriculture, engineering, medicine, computer science, materials science and educational technology. It conducts e-readiness surveys of selected member institutions in partnership with faculty and researchers drawn from member institutions.

KENET is now seeking to fill the following positions in order to fulfill its mandate:

1. Research Associate – Educational Technology Services (1 position) Job Reference No. 3001701
This part-time research position reports to the Executive Director.  The candidate shall be a member of the KENET Special Interest Group (SIG) on Educational Technology. The key responsibility shall be to provide research support to the SIG on Educational Technology. In addition, the successful candidate shall coordinate and facilitate regular online and face-to-face faculty or teaching staff capacity building forums and workshops on the use of technology in teaching and learning. The candidate shall also coordinate preparation of joint research and partnership grant proposals for collaborative educational technology projects.

The ideal candidate shall be a full-time lecturer in a Kenyan university and must have a PhD in education, educational technology or ICT in education with at least 5 years practical experience teaching with technology and developing blended learning content.  The candidate must be available to work at KENET in Nairobi for one or two days per week.


2. Research Associate – Statistical Services and Data Visualization (1 position) Job Reference No. 3001702
This part-time research associate position reports to the Executive Director. The successful candidate shall be responsible for statistical support services for e-readiness survey research and baseline studies. That shall include coordinating data collection, analysis and visualization. The successful candidate is expected to be part of the team writing research grant proposals.

The ideal candidate shall have at least a Masters degree in statistics with practical experience in the use of statistical tools for analysis and visualization and be a full-time PhD student in a Kenyan university or a recent PhD graduate in the area of statistics. The candidate must be available to work at KENET in Nairobi for one or two days per week.


3. Shared Services Manager – (1 position) Job Reference No. 1001701
This position reports to the Executive Director and will provide existing and new members of KENET with a single point of contact on all shared services offered by KENET. Suitable candidate will be responsible for promoting and developing innovative shared or community cloud services in collaboration with member institutions and managing the relationship between KENET and member institutions. The ideal candidate shall have an engineering or computer science or information systems degree and a Master’s degree in business or information systems with practical experience in providing cloud or other ICT services to academic or corporate organizations.


4. Senior Accountant – (1 Position) Job Reference No. 1001702

This position reports to the Chief Accountant and will be responsible for the preparation of financial accounts, financial analysis, treasury management, budgeting and budgetary control. The holder will provide leadership in reporting plus handling of internal and external audits. The ideal candidate shall have a B.Com degree or equivalent and must be a CPA (K) with at least 5 years’ experience in a busy private or public sector organization.


5. Graduate Trainees In Instructional Design, ICT Business Development And Journalism Or Communication – (4 Positions)

KENET invites suitable recent university graduates to apply to join the one-year Graduate Trainee program at KENET that aims to develop capacity in; Instructional Design, ICT Services Analysis and Support, and Communications.

1. Graduate Trainee – Instructional Design (1 Position) Job Reference No. 2001701
Applicants must be recent degree holders from recognized universities in education, educational technology, information systems or equivalent with an interest in e-learning or blended content development

2. Graduate Trainee – ICT Services Analysis and Support (2 positions) Job Reference No. 2001702
Applicants must be degree holders from recognized universities in areas of information systems, business, commerce, economics, marketing, or equivalent degree programs with demonstrated proficiency in oral and written communication skills

3. Graduate Trainee –  Communications (1 position) Job Reference No. 2001703
Applicants must be recent degree holders in journalism or communications or education or social sciences from a recognized university with excellent oral and writing communication skills.

All candidates must also have demonstrated high ethical and moral standards and capable of working with limited supervision.


Interested and qualified persons should visit the KENET recruitment portal here.

All applicants are required to write 100 Words statement of purpose during the application and the application should be submitted not later than May 26, 2017. Only shortlisted candidates shall be contacted to attend interview at KENET within one month from the deadline for submissions of applicants.

KENET is an equal opportunity employer and promotes diversity. Female candidates as well as candidates from marginalized or semi-arid areas are encouraged to apply.

A competitive remuneration package commensurate with the position shall be offered to the successful candidates

NOTE: Applications submitted in hard copy format will not be considered.

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